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How to delegate XTZ in Galleon wallet

Galleon is an open source wallet for Tezos, which supports both software and hardware wallets in eight languages on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Download here:

1. When you install Galleon wallet on your computer, you will be seeing the following interface. To send XTZ to your wallet you can use Manager Address starting with tz1. With this address you can send and receive assets.
When you have sufficient funds to delegate, you will see an active button "Add a Delegate"


2. When you press "Add a Delegate", you will see a pop-up window where you fill in the baker address tz1Pwgj6j55akKCyvTwwr9X4np1RskSXpQY4 and the amount you want to delegate and the fee (Low is the default option here).  "Gas" is the fee for creating delegation which is charged by the blockchain network and is filled in automatically.   


3. After you press "Delegate", you should see a green pop-up telling you that address origination is successful. You can also go to tzscan to see the operation on the block explorer.


4. The delegation operation might take several seconds and afterwards you will see a new "Delegated Address" starting with KT1. Your delegation is successful! 


Congratulations you are now delegating to us. Remember, we have no control of your xtz and you can send them from your Kt address at any time.

Goto the dashboard to check your delegation and future rewards.

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