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Delegate your Tezzies with us

We provide secure and stable Proof-of-Stake infrastructure for Tezos blockchain which allows you to earn a return on your Tezzies (XTZ). You can delegate your Tezzies through your wallet to our baker address. We do not charge upfront fees and ensure complete transparency of your rewards. Our reward fee is 20% which is required to maintain a professional and sustainable service.
OUR BAKER ADDRESS: tz1Pwgj6j55akKCyvTwwr9X4np1RskSXpQY4

How to delegate?

Follow these steps to start delegating with us


Buy Tezzies

If you already have XTZ in your crypto wallet please go straight to step 2. Otherwise, the easiest way to buy XTZ is to go to an exchange which supports it, for example Bitpanda (only for EU citizens), Kraken.

Depending on the exchange, you will be able to pay for XTZ with fiat currencies or with cryptoassets. The list of exchanges is dynamic as new projects are arriving to the market all the time. We are currently working on establishing partnerships with exchanges and recommend choosing a trusted exchange. 


Find your wallet

As any cryptocurrency, XTZ can be stored at hardware, software or online wallet. If you want to limit your risks it can be a good idea to distribute your Tezzies among different wallets (good old "Don´t put all your eggs in one basket" principle :) )

In order to delegate your XTZ you need them to be stored in a wallet which supports the delegation function. If your Tezzies are stored in a wallet without delegation option, you can always get another one and transfer your assets there.


Delegate with your wallet

Some wallets that support Tezos delegation:

- Galleon - Follow our step-by-step guide on how to delegate with Galleon.
- TezBox (Supports Ledger and Trezor hardware wallet for improved security)
Magnum Wallet  - Follow this guide (A multicurrency wallet which supports hardware wallets and build-in exchange)


Receive your rewards

The reward is paid automatically into your wallet account. You can track our performance and follow your rewards on the Tezos Dashboard.

Tezos specifics

  • TRANSPARENCY: you can track our performance and all earned and upcoming payouts on our Tezos Dashboard. We try to give you all the information live in a user-friendly way. If you ever have any questions please contact us and we will try our best to answer you!
  • PAYOUTS AND FEES: we work on the revenue share model which means that we hold a 20% share of the reward as a fee for our service. We do not take any upfront fees. In Tezos blockchain any stakes that are below the next 10.000 XTZ cap will not receive any rewards. To avoid loss of reward for you, we will ensure that the returns on any delegated stakes even if the entire pool is below the next 10.000 limit for rewards will be paid to you. We also apply automatic interest compounding on XTZ that you delegate to us.
  • PRIVACY: many staking services work on the basis of anonymity. So why do we ask you to provide your email when delegating to us? We believe in relationships based on trust and personalisation that will be forming a new financial system. We are commited to your privacy and will never share your information with any third parties. You will be able to receive up-to-date information and personal notifications as well as communicate your voting decisions to us. 
  • MINIMUM AMOUNT FOR DELEGATION: in order to stake with us you need to delegate at least 10 XTZ. This is due to transaction cost from our side when paying out rewards. If the stake is too low, the on-chain fees will surpass our share of the reward.
  • VOTING POWER: in Tezos blockchain owners of the XTZ have a power to vote on amendments of the protocol. At the moment, when you delegate your Tezzies you also delegate your voting rights. When you delegate to us we want to give this power back to you. We will inform you about any upcoming votes and the voting options by email, so that you can take your own decision (of course, you can also choose not to use your right) and pass us your choice. We are working on developing the tools which will allow you to vote directly through our Dashboard. 
  • SECURITY: we use high security infrastructure and robust algorithms. Our servers are firewall protected and we are monitoring system uptime and efficiency 24-7.  In an unlikely event that we lose a baker slot due to some force majeur, the lost earnings from that cycle will be paid out to you anyway using the numbers from previous cycle as a guidance.
  • TEAM: We are a group of dedicated people with various backgrounds (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Economics) who believe in disruptive power of decentralized finance. To learn more about people behind Validators please visit

Tezos FAQ

XTZ, or Tezzies are tokens of the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is a self amending blockchain where XTZ owners can decide on proposed changes. Tezos supports smart contracts and provides a platform to build decentralized applications. The consensus in the Tezos blockchain is ensured through a Proof-of-Stake mechanism. You can learn more in our blog and on the following resources:
Official Tezos Website 
Official Tezos Foundation 
Tezos Reddit 

The Tezos blockchain is a variant of proof of stake system where creation of new blocks by participants is called "baking".  An XTZ owner can decide to become a baker themselves or delegate to someone else. Delegating Tezzies (XTZ) to a specialised baker has many advantages compared to setting up your own secure servers, depositting a minimum of 10,000 XTZ and providing a constant support to the blockchain. When you delegate, your chosen baker will do all this work for you.  

We provide such service using a secure, reliable and hardened system to ensure the highest degree of baking service for our users. Every XTZ holder starting with 10 XTZ is able to start baking with us. In return we will send the reward directly to your wallet and you can start spending your "hard" earned XTZ coins. 

Your reward is paid out to bakers from the Tezos blockchain on inflationary base to incentivise node (server) participants to perform the validation service. You can provide such service yourself but then you need to run a server and ensure that you are online all the time among other ti When you delegate to us we provide the infrastructure and share the reward with you when you do not need to do anything at all. The expected return on your delegated Tezzies is around 7%, though it can vary and depends on several factors like:

· Amount of tezzies delegating
· Period of delegating (Start and End)
· Total tezzies staking in the Tezos blockchain

On our Tezos Dashboard you can check with your public key your past returns and expected returns to enjoy transparent accounting for yourself. 

When you delegate your XTZ you are not at risk of losing your Tezzies as we will never see your private key and the ownership is still yours. You stay in control of your tezzies and can spend them from your wallet at any time.

As soon as the rewards are unfrozen, we will send you the rewards directly to your wallet. Your delegation needs to be higher than 10 tz for us to payout rewards. 

Here is an example of a payout - every cycle is around 2.8 days:
1st cycle
You delegate to Validators
8th cycle
The Tezos blockchain assigns your delegation right to us
14th cycle
The rewards from cycle 8 are unfrozen and received
15th cycle
You receive the rewards in your wallet 

The short answer is yes anyone can become over-delegated. This can happen if a delegator suddently increases its delegation by a large amount. For delegation we need to keep a security deposit of minimum 8.24% of the delegated tezzies which we provide from our own funds. Every time a new block is baked, our security deposit are bonded to the Tezos Blockchain which will be frozen for 5 cycles. We aim at keeping our security deposit at 15% or higher as a buffer for suddent spikes.

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