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A staking pool service for crypto owners

Earn interest on your crypto holdings from the supply growth of the blockchain.
As a network participants on a particular blockchain we can share the inherent crypto-economic wealth with you.


We engage in the prolifiation of the blockchain and its ecosystem by setting up highly available public nodes that allows for faster implementation of real-world applications.

Public nodes
Blockchain governance


A vision of the future

Our vision is, that sometime in the near future it has become commonplace to own crypto assets and make everyday payments from your spending account directly with your phone or ID embedded tag. Self sovereignty will be the standard - everyone is real owners of their money.

In addition, people will keep larger amount of their crypto holding in a "savings account" that are staked with us and produce a monthly reward. Everyone is getting a share of the crypto-economic growth.


Validator nodes, Endorser nodes, Beacon nodes, we will run them all.

With reliable and hardened infrastructure nodes with fallback servers, load-balancers, and a dedicated team focused on evolving each blockchain protocol - the ecosystem will thrive and we will all benefit.

Currently running Tezos nodes: Baker node, Endorser node, Accusor node, and a Signer.

Infrastructure in the works: Polkadot nodes, and Substrate validators.


Hello, this is our friendly team of nordic (+ Russian) workers

MSc. in
Business Administration.

20 years of software consultancy for
The National Police of Denmark, Danske Bank, NYC start-up, and Momondo.

Master degree in Economics and Management of Network Industries.

Previously Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and extensive consultancy experience.

Lean Management and PRINCE2 certified. 

Previously Community Manager at Mentor Trading (Crypto-traders Denmark). 


In order to execute fast, we use the best freelancers and advisors in the industry.

Blockchain expert &
business strategy consultant.

Blockchain infrastructure & DApp (Decentralized) consultant.

Entrepreneur, investor, and business advisor.

Serial entrepreneur,
business and strategy advisor.

Senior security consultant,
and advisor.

Our Timeline

Updated May 2019

May 2019

Polkadot Milestone 2

We are happy to report that Milestone 2 for the Polkadot blockchain has been completed. The cluster of public nodes for Polkadot are coming along nicely. It is still closed beta and will be available on

April 2019

Staking service live

Validators staking service launched. First proof-of-stake blockchain supported are the Tezos blockchain.

March 2019

Web3 Foundation grant

Validators received a ~91.000 USD grant from the Web3 Foundation. The Foundation supports technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralization, to the benefit and for the stability of the Web3 ecosystem. We are exited to be working on Polkadot!

November 2018

MerkleTree Blockchain joins the crew

Mikael Bondum and Svante Jørgensen, founders of MerkleTree Blockchain joins the nordic team of Validators. Mikael and Svante has vast experience in different blockchains both technical and business related. Its the perfect match!

August 2018

Funding from InnoBooster 

Validators received a grant of ~80.000 USD from Innobooster (Innovation Fund Denmark) where startups and SMEs can apply for up to 5 million danish kroner. The aim of the foundation is to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, in order to strengthen research and innovative solutions that may benefit growth and employment in Denmark.

May 2018

Validators was founded

Anders Vindberg founded Validators after being inspired by the disruptive (& green) potential of proof-of-stake based blockchain technology. Having followed Bitcoin since 2013, and a detailed study of Ethereum throughout 2017 crystalized the full potential of the industry. Lets create a new monetary future!

Validators IVS

Købmagergade 22
1150 Copenhagen, Denmark

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +45 5362 0362
CVR: 39541688


Innovation Fund Denmark
Web3 Foundation
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